Ripper Interratore liquami


CASELLA solution for manure buried distribution through ripper, is the final answer to “manure” problem.

From slurry tank/pool, using a pump, the manure will be transferred to an underground polyethylene pipe, conveniently designed with many outputs to reach all farm’s lots.

CASELLA irrigator is connected to one of these sockets, and the pipe to the ripper.

The tractor, which is attached to ripper, cover the entire field lengthwise following a particular distribution scheme. Manure will be injected nonstop for a depth of 15/25 cm through special pipes locked behind each ripper’s anchor.

Possibility of burying even 200 m3/h, with zero environmental impact, so the biggest problem of manure distribution (stink) doesn’t exist anymore.

All organic matter contained in manure is absorbed by ground and does not evaporate anymore; It will be completely available for subsequent cultivations.

Placer mining effects caused by rain after distribution are reset to zero, and even ground water or surface water pollutioning, on hill terrains too.

Manure buried distribution during cultivation of the terrain: it saves a passage without making compact the terrain, even with wet terrain.

Use of the same system (undergound pipes PE and CASELLA irrigator) even for irrigation and fertilizing irrigation.

Slurry burial
The Casella solution for underground distribution of slurry via ripper

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