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CASELLA, every day more green

fotovoltaico new - green

Casella has embraced the green philosophy by installing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of its warehouses.
A choice that the company wanted to make to respect the environment in which we live.

Casella acquires the first group, consisting of 5 inverters and built with a 298.82 KwP PV plant, in 2018. In 2020 it was then implemented with another 3 photovoltaic panels.

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Macchine green new

Green Machine

The eco-sustainable philosophy is also found in the products offered to its customers.
Just think of the complete line of solutions to use alternative fuels less harmful to the environment applied to agricultural mechanization.

Casella, for example, has adopted these “green” options on TRACTORS, TELESCOPICS, MIXERS and other types of industrial engines.


Much attention from the environmental point of view is also paid to the management of livestock waste. In fact, the Dutch self-propelled Vervaet, equipped with a series of equipment, allows the sewage to be buried in the ground without dispersing nitrogen in the air.

Underground systems

Alternatively, Casella produces underground systems for water and sewage distribution.

Minimal processing

Casella also offers machines for minimal tillage for weeding and weed contro, for example Lemken


Ripper - Titolo


Ripper - testo

And again the RIPPER CASELLA which, combined with a sprinkler and a tractor, allows to bury sewage / digestate up to 200 m3 / hour.
Making the spreading of slurry "SMART" without generating bad smells.