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Casella has been working and developing new solutions for Precision Farming for more than 20 years

Testo1 - tecnologie

Underground systems for water/liquid manure distribution

Underground pipe lines for water/liquid manure distribution

Specific projects and complete creations of underground pipelines in HDPE or PVC, for distribution of water,
slurry and manure. Multi-year know-how, visits in the farms before designing, proper studies, use of materials
only with certificate, all the activities from the project to the final test, ensure quality, reliability, certainty...


Testo2 - tecnologie

Engine rewinding system

Hose reels with engine rewinding system

This type of machine exploits a small diesel engine for both hose rewinding and hydraulic controls. The main advantage of  this system is that it does not absorb water power which can hence be completely used for irrigation. The pressure losses of the machine are thus reduced by 25-30% with an average fuel consumption...


Testo3 - tecnologie

Turbine rewinding system

Turbine rewinding system

Hose reels with turbine rewinding.

The turbine uses the water and rewinds the pipe through a gear-box.

The high-quality system is made by a turbine directly connected with gear box and a by-pass valve that can be driven mechanically


Testo4 - tecnologie

T.E.A.M.-Precision agriculture

Precision farming technologies

For many years we have been speaking about agriculture and precision viticulture, but the practical consequences are often very limited because of a number of factors, among which...