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T.E.A.M. - Title

Precision farming technologies

Testo - team

For many years we have been speaking about agriculture and precision viticulture, but the practical consequences are often very limited because of a number of factors, among which:

  • the difficulty of finding thematic maps at low cost, timely and reliable;
  • the difficulty of finding a complete solution (electronic + maps + equipment) on the market;
  • mess about the reference standard (ISO 11783) and their effective implementation and effectiveness;
  • coexistence of theoretical and methodological approaches are not always consistent with each other, and not all equally effective;
  • the mix of roles between the world of research and private enterprise.

In order to give a concrete, clear and convincing answer to doubts and limits mentioned above, Casella, Appleby, and Studio Terradat have manufactured TEAM (Evolute Technologies for Mechanized Agriculture ), a mark which indicates a group of businesses that arises as a purpose to move from words to deeds in the field of applications in agriculture and precision viticulture. To do so we must just be a TEAM, because of the multidisciplinary required in this area cannot reside in a single organization, and because the actual start of this market wants to develop, as a TEAM, complete solutions "turnkey" and not sporadic and isolated testing prototypes.

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