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Hose reels

Discharge vacuum pump

Device allowing the quick discharge of the water inside the hose at the end of the working phase to enable carriage and favour the hose unwinding.

Water inlet on 2 sides
Pipe to feed water on 2 sides of the machine thus enabling easy connection to the hose.

Soundproof engine

Thanks to the soundproofing box, the noise is much lower. Over 50 meters, the engine noise is mixed with the sounds of the  environment in which the machine is located.

Discharge valve
Device allowing discharging a great amount of water at the end of the working phase so as to decrease line pressure to be used to stop the pumping station.

Shut off valve
Device allowing the automatic stop of the water inlet at the end of the working phase with possibility of controlling the pumping station overpressure stop.

End of unwinding alarm
Photocell sending out a visual and/or acoustic alarm when the hose has reached the final phase of unwinding.

Membrane device for the reading of manure pressure

This device prevents the obstruction of pressure gauges and manometers when using manures or waste waters.


Hose reels with motorpumps


Winch arm

Extractable supporting arm allowing positioning the completely assembled suction line, from the working phase to the carriage


Suction hose rotating joint

To easily position the suction hose both in the working and the carriage position

Electric lifting suction arm

To lift the suction hose by means of the electric winch controlled by pushbutton; this in order to facilitate positioning of the arm.

Also available with hydraulic system.

Suction arm hydraulic rotation

To rotate the suction arm by means of the hydraulic motor from the working to the carriage phase.

Additional tank

370 additional litres to the machine tank capacity

Hydraulic front brackets

To further reinforce the machine anchoring to the ground. Essential for machines using very long hoses.

Pump suction shut off valve

Device to stop water inlet in case of relaunch pump function or to stop the pumping station under overpressure conditions

Automatic suction filling

Electric motor-controlled vacuum pump to easily and quickly fill the suction hose.

Remote control for hydraulic movements

Distance control of all hydraulic motions, thus facilitating machine positioning operations

Self-cleaning filter
Aspiration valve with automatic self-cleaning system

Casella PLLSMP-4R 150 on field - Hose Reels - Irrigation
Casella Rain irrigation system