Accessori zincati


Trolley width screw adjustment
For an easy adjustment of the trolley track also during irrigation

Tomatoes bar
To unwind the PE hose along the tractor track. 

Roller compactor
To compact the ground on which the PE hose is to be positioned thus reducing the contact surface and hence friction; essential
for models with long hoses and condensate presence.
Extension of the sprinkler
Extensions to go above corn or sugarcane.

Additional small sprinkler
To improve jet distribution at the end of the working session and on the road edge. 

Beet Plowshare
By correctly positioning the share in the inter-row it is possible to remove the beet leaves and unwind the hose on the bare round.

Casella sprinklers - Production
Work phases for rain irrigation and sewage injection (and/or digested from biogas plants).