• Pipe rewinding with monocylinder engine (huge energy saving)
  • Lower platform and hydraulic rotation 360 degrees on it
  • Galvanized Trolley 2 or 4 wheels (rubber or iron)
  • Sprinkler with nozzles of different diameters
  • Hydraulic lifting of the trolley
  • Hydraulic back anchors/brackets
  • Front hydraulic piston
  • Mechanic front anchors/brackets
  • Computer to control the rewinding speed
  • Compressor to empty the pipe
  • 4 meter high-pressure pipe for connection
  • Tyres 385-65R22.5
  • Available the 4 wheels hose reel
Casella sprinklers - Production
Company production cycle. From design to deployment.
Rain Sprinklers Casella
Work phases for rain irrigation and sewage injection (and/or digested from biogas plants).