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Engine rewinding system

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Hose reels with engine rewinding system

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This type of machine exploits a small diesel engine for both hose rewinding and hydraulic controls. The main advantage of this system is that it does not absorb water power which can hence be completely used for irrigation. The pressure losses of the machine are thus reduced by 25-30% with an average fuel consumption of the diesel engine of 300gr/h. Such solution makes this system suitable for the mounting of hoses having large diameter and remarkable length (up to 700 m).

Moreover, it is the only system allowing spreading of manures or waste waters at high rewinding speeds (10 to 150m/h).



  • Hose rewinding speed adjuster (10 to 150m/h). Max speed of 200-300-2000 m/h on demand.

  • Lever for the control of hose rewinding - stop - reverse rotation.

  • Automatic stop in case of end of working and wrong hose rewinding.
  • Automatic protection against PE hose breaking by a valve calibrated to the maximum allowable strain with regard to the PE hose mounted on the machine.

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