Welcome to Casella: irrigation,
hose reels and beyond.


Since 1954 Casella Macchine Agricole has paid attention to quality and service.

Casella’s main production regards irrigation systems. Casella enitrely designs and produces: hose reels for sprinkler irrigation, hose reels with engine or turbine rewinding, hose reels with integrated motorpump, hose reels driven by satellite/drone maps, motorpumps for water irrigation or slurry/manure distribution, pumps for water irrigation and slurry/manure, underground pipe lines for slurry/manure/sewage/Biogas products  distribution with ripper.

Benchmark in irrigation, Casella is also a leader in vrt (variable rate technology) with fertilizers spreaders for corn, tomatoes, field-crops and vines and special sensors for vegetation idex and environment analysis maps. Thanks to 100 employees, the production includes compactor rolls and wagons. A huge spare parts warehouse, an area of 75.000 and a timely after-sales service complete Casella’s offer to the world of agriculture